CT Fletcher The Trainer: How to Train Biceps and Arms!

The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: CT Fletcher

This is CT Fletcher, a.k.a CT The Trainer. He has a different view than most people on how to build muscle.

CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher trained arms every single day for a year and half in order to get 22 inch arms.

I already told you, f*ck you over-training motherf*ckers, for a year and a half, every time I stepped in a gym door, I worked motherf*cking arms, because it was my magnificent obsession to have big motherf*cking arms, it was my desire, my midnight dream, to have big arms.

Did it work for him?
See for yourself in his biceps and arm training video.


Here’s another cool quote by CT Fletcher The Trainer:

I actually went to this World Championship competition. I announced to the entire crowd of super heavy weights who were back there warming up: Which one of you motherf*ckers is coming in second? Because all you motherf*ckers know I’m winning this shit! That was my attitude in 1992.

CT Fletcher YouTube page.

CT Fletcher Facebook.
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